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ALIDA (Artists)

Thank-you Alida in accepting on such short notice, much appreciated. I understand "Alida" = Latin 'little winged one' or 'little bird', that's an interesting name, almost sounds gypsy like, or folksy like some of your art, coincidence or not, in a manner of speaking is your background of such commonality?

Alida was the name of my mother’s best friend in Finland. Alida was a gypsy, a Roma – dark haired and olive skinned. She lived on the fringes of Finnish society with her long plush velvet & silk ruffled dresses. My mother was blond and blue-eyed. Alida and my mother were like day and night. Mum used to sit around the campfire with her family and watch Alida play violin. They all ate and clapped and sung together under the stars. My mother said those times were romantic and enchanting and if she ever had a daughter, she would name her Alida. So although I am not of Roma origin, I am attracted to the essence of the gypsy lifestyle – the colours, survival skills, hand-crafts, music, the way they pass on their stories and dreams, their kinship with both family and the natural world around them and above all the climate of freedom they live in.

2/ You have a very distinct kind of art, very much your own style, how long have you been painting and using different types of media?

Eight hours a day, five days a week, for years, I used to submit myself to drowning in paperwork, faxing, filing and photocopying. I was practically choking myself on red-tape! Every day was Groundhog day.

Never one to know what I want to ‘be’ or really ‘do’ when I grew up, I continued droning on as a secretary until one day a beloved friend died. Out of this devastation came questions of my own mortality and the realisation that I was wasting my life. I asked myself what it was that I really admired in people … the answer was creativity: “I want to be an artist”, I roared!!

That was only four and half years ago. So I haven’t been doing art for that long and during this time have been mostly experimenting across the board from sculpture, printmaking, painting, drawing, mixed media etc.

3/ When do you feel Alida, you reached your own personal style; some artists find it in early stages others through different experiences over time?

Funnily enough I find my own style (do I have one?) rather like a big jumbled-up junk-yardy chaotic vortex that sucks itself up and spews out chalk and cheese.

I am so inspired and overly stimulated by other artists that I want a pinch of this style or a dash of that approach, and as a result predominantly find myself whirling in a big pot of mixed-up befuddled stew. I’m just simmering away and have at times boiled over and thought about giving it all up due to the frustrations of finding my own art style.

For some reason I keep persisting and I think I’m getting there … (wherever that is). Maybe my style is to be ‘random’. It’s all about play … kind of like hide and seek. Hiding one day from doing art and then the next, seeking it out.

I would say I’m creatively challenged!

4/ What media do you prefer using on canvas and why?

I’m not too keen on creating works on canvas at this stage, although I’d like to incorporate mixed media such as painting, collage, glitter, paper and sewing etc. I did do some small works on canvas recently where I imprinted toy shapes on the canvas with gouache and acrylic. That was fun.

Most of my work has been made on board or paper. At the moment I’m really digging mixed-media. I use anything from magazines, empty beer boxes, tree branches, found objects, recycled materials and odds and bobs

6/ Is there one piece of art you feel is more special than the others and if so can you share the reason as to why?

A while back I created a piece on a dear friend I’ve known since childhood. She suffered for many years from a drug addiction and was going down hill badly. She was so sick that there was a feeling of blackness and death surrounding her.

One day I did a healing meditation for her. A future vision of her appeared in my mind – she was smiling and beaming with happiness and health.

The art piece I made about her was of her naked, alone and vulnerable in a landscape. There was blackness about, but underneath colour and life were blossoming. This was a portrait of hope. It is very special to me.

Today she is that happy and healthy future vision I had all those years ago.

7/ Who is your favourite artist, past or present, and what makes their art special?

Crikey ... Favourite?? It chops and changes like the weather! Here comes the massive 20 page list … we’ll just pretend they’re all ‘one’ artist ok …. ;)

Elliot Hundley – for his crazily wild detailed collages. I think of the macrocosm/microcosm when I view his work.
Kirstine Roepstorff – for her use of drawing with collage and being able to express social and political issues with this medium.
Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger – for their madly detailed installations and kooky outlook on life
Noriko Ambe – her sculptures made out of a paper are amazing
Michael Husmann Tschani & Pascale Mira Tschani – playful, colourful, child-like wonderment and innocent imagination.
Helle Jorgensen – sensational hand crocheted/knitted sculptures
Vali Myer – her gypsy lifestyle
Marina Perkovich – her art inspired by gypsies and her use of mediums
Emily Kngwarreye – for her delicious layers of colour and expression of the Australian landscape
Richard Larter – his abstract work
Jesse Bercowetz/Matt Bua – their work is nuts
Erika Somogyi – for her pretty and beautiful watercolours
Jacob Hashimoto – exquisite wall pieces made of layers of delicate paper
Henri Matisse
Recycled art from Africa
Folk Art
Helen Frankenthaler
Cy Twombly
Frank Stella
Joan Mitchell

On and on and on and ONNNNNN … the list is endless… anything I come across that makes me melt basically … I could like one artwork by one artist, and dislike the rest of the stuff they’re doing, or I could like all of it! It’s like music. Not every song on the album is great, or sometimes, there’s only one-hit wonders.

8/ Personally where do you think the art movement of the future is going to take us?

Let me gaze in to my crystal ball! What a hard question.… I guess it would depend on how the Earth will fare up.

We’re doing a mighty good job of fucking up this amazingly beautiful living organism we call home. We’re destroying ecosystems, we’re chopping down forests, we’re facing global warming and rising sea levels, we’re at risk of destroying cultures by the simple fact people are now in the throes of making plans to move off their native homelands and on to bigger land masses in case their island homes are submerged under water, and in the case they can’t move then it’ll be cultural wipeouts.

We all desperately need to face up to the massive problems we are spawning and obviously will have to face the monster we’ve created in the future. All I can personally hope for is that the present and future art movement will help us all to connect with our innermost selves, to connect with others on a deeper and more spiritual level and that we all as individuals form a strong loving bond with nature and stick to her like glue, as if she’s the best and most wonderful soul-mate in the whole world!

9/ Where do you get most of your inspiration in the creation of your art from?

Spirituality, mythology, colours, artists, music, stories, animals, people, history, philosophy and nature.

10/ Would you prefer a glass of white wine or red?

Well I’d have to say that when I have that Dionysian twinkle in my eye, I’d go the nice glass of red thanks … in a big goblet … with some ear-splitting music to dance wildly around to!

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MARKUS - Portugal/ Electronica/Alternative/Ambient

(You had me worried for a moment, when I only received two of my questions back Markus lol!
lol Sorry about the delay.Thank you very much for be so kind)

Thank-you Markus, in giving us a little bit of knowledge into the art of your music!
my first question for you is, on you Profile you mention you base your influences on sound, images, people and world experiences. Having been raised in Portugal what musical influences would you say were most influential to you as a teenager?

Since i was a kid I have listened a lot of different music. My father always adored music and he listens to music from all over the world, but i remember of growing up listening all kind of Paco de Lucia, Al de Meola, Path Matheny, Genesis, Simon and Garfunkel, Pink Floyd, The Queen, José Feleciano, Nat King Cole ...well a lot of good stuff, when I was like thirteen, Nirvana was a Boom all over the world and also in Portugal..and i liked it, but at that time i also listened The Doors, Aerosmith, Guns and Roses, Metallica, Bryan Adams. The guys I was hanging out with, were older than me and they introduced me to Black Sabath and Deep Purple. At that time one of these guys was my neighbour and some times we used to play guitar together. He was maybe 40 years old and an excellent drummer..he taugh me some technics and i started to play drums too, so as a teenager my aim influences came from my Father and from this neighbour - Aloísio, and of course, from my friends.. at that time we had to discover music on our own, cause we didn't have musical education at school. I did discover a lot of different music and this dinamic was always connected with friends. At the same time, ourselves tried to make music and a special kind of music, something original, never heard before. ... it has always the been point: play original music.
So i can't say that portuguese music had a significant influence on my first contact with music. But actually, i am ware of nice portuguese music. But the truth is that, Today, All World is a influence for me. I've become more sensitive to watch more things and their connection, so this continuing observation allows me to realize different things all the time. And because the World is changing so fast and i try analyze and realize how can i do it what in music. From this point Everything influences me.. Politic, People, Culture, the planet actual problems, everything! Everything i see it is important to take a moment and think about that. From there I try to create something

You have an album " Sound of My Nature" to be released soon on " Mind Expansion Records". How long did it take to produce and do you have a release date you can share with us?

Yes, it's true.. I've been working on this album about 2006. All the process is a work in progress. In 2006 I received an offer from RANDALL NIEMANN, the manager from Mind Expansion , to release a full Album and a Vinyl 7" Single. He is a great guy and a great Musician (from the band Fuxa) He told to me: "Don't be rush, take your time, when you feel it's done we make it.." Well i loved the idea and i'm working since then. Probably it will be released this Summer. But for now i have two songs on the first and second Mind Expansion Compilation. It's a great Compilation with Great Bands, it's a honor for me to be part of that

I understand Markus, you will be giving live concerts soon, are you able to give any clues to your fans as to where and when, and where would you like to give your ultimate live concert , do you have a preferred place?

Well...i would love to give concerts all over the world, in all Continents, for total different Audiences. But for know i'm expecting some reactions about my music..I don't pretend to be rich or famous and the things are very different today if we think of music in that matter. The music business is very weird and I do want to make it in the simple way. Like I said before, i'm truly happy to be part of the Mind Expansion Family, it's an excellent label to make this project come true. About the Concerts, they will be happen when the Album comes out... for know I'm finishing the first level, and then I will try to make something important to get People inside this journey

Do you play any musical instruments and if so, when did you begin?

I started on the music with 14 years old. I was learning Classic Guitar with a good friend and teacher called Rui Aires.I've learned from him for 3 years and then I was able to do something with my first instrument, Country songs sometimes and Rock songs too.I love organic instruments and then I started to explore all Basic Rock instruments: Bass,Electric Guitar,Drums. I had some contact with Piano too, but is is now that I'm trying to learn more about it. The Synths and software programmers, are part of my world of course and I love this new possibility to make good sounds with low prices

Your CD which you commented is based on your "own concept and experience of intimist music " can you describe to us what you consider to be IM?

It is a little bit of everything I've said before. It is nothing you can see and touch, but is something you can probably feel. I try to make happen my day experiences on the music. Experiences come from my inner processes directly out to the instruments.
Maybe this idea is more felt in some of the songs .. i have one song called "Isabella". It's about my Wife and the things I experience through Her. Well..Probably it is some kind of new romantic music i don't know, but is very intimist for
I have others songs related with all us..the actually problems in the world..well it..s my way to transform the real stories in music

Do you find the fan-base in Portugal to react differently to your music from the North American fan-base, if so, do you have examples of some responses?

I have very good feedback from myspace community. It's very encouraging for me to see some good and deep comments. For me it means that I should keep on with this project. I don't see my music with a strict direction for only one type of person.. As I said before, I hope to connect to every kind of people as the points I stand out in the album are related to all World and all Cultures, not only for Portugal State

My Last question to you is, do you prefer to watch a Sunrise or a Sunset lol?

Well I think this is the most dificult because there are two different feelings in those parts of the day. Depending of the state of mind, the sunrise is very hopefull, it's a new day borning with a new opportunity to make it different .But with a good company, sunrise and sunset are!!!

DENISE LAFRANCE Toronto Canada Painter/writer/actor

This statement was completed in 2008

Also this is the question that was posted Who is Denise Lafrance:

The Golden Heart & Soul of XXX~
A Celebration of People

So, to make this an easy explanation of my idea's origin here I am publishing an excerpt of an interview my friend, journalist, Victor von Buchastab junior wrote about me:
"Recently, I caught up with the Toronto-based artist / writer, and asked about her inspiration behind the book…

"I was a burlesque entertainer for 16 years," recalls Denise, "and I was noticing the public casting value judgment on me; making false assumptions about my intelligence and moral fiber."

So, I took the most intense example of the adult entertainment industry—porn—and decided to put my journalistic skills to use… and I have been interviewing these people about their personal lives, outside the industry, and painting their portraits.
I am focussing mostly on the key porn people from the 1970's era because this was the turn of the Sexual Revolution; the time when the "Porn Ball" really got rolling.

Very generally, this book is being created by me with the aim to celebrate the dignity and humanity of the key figures in the porn industry in all sects of the business, and to defend these people's honor in reaction to the attempted demonization religious zealots and certain sects of Media have attempted to portray over a long course of time via corrosive misrepresentation and selectivity in what they choose to-- and not to reveal about the people in the porn industry.

All in all, the interviews are touching, humorous, entertaining and most of all revealing the common thread of Humanity that is present in each and every one of these people.

Even in situations where the subject may be discussing something sad like illness or heartache, I steer the tone of the interview to be compassionate but, at the same time, up beat and positive/hopeful.

The reader will feel like a fly on the wall; eavesdropping in on a porn star talking in a very personal manner with a friend.

We joke around. Sometimes, I reveal some of my own self to the porn star throughout the course of our the reader will also get a feel for the person who is conducting the interviews.

Each interview is accompanied with a very flattering hand painted watercolor portrait that I've created which reveals and celebrates the dignity of the subject.

Deep inside, we're all the same; people with hopes, dreams, family, aspirations and feelings."
Georgina Spelvin (of 'Devil in Miss Jones" fame) wrote the foreword for my book.
Here is what she says in the foreword:
Georgina Spelvin
I was bowled over when Denise LaFrance asked to paint my portrait from a photo. After all, The Devil In Miss Jones (source of my 15 minutes of fame) was made over thirty years ago! Fishing in an old trunk under the bed, I found some shots from that era and sent them to her. The resulting work left me speechless. She not only picked the most flattering shot, she skillfully managed to create an intelligent looking glamour puss out of it. I should only have looked so good – ever.
During the exchange of messages and phone conversations that took place working out the logistics, we bonded. Denise has a skill, not just for painting, but for drawing people out about themselves and their feelings. Hence the depth of expression and life in her work that takes a photo to a whole other dimension.
The more I learned of her ambitions for this book, the more my admiration for her grew. I loved her idea of presenting the familiar faces of the better-known sex performers – especially those of us from the past – with accompanying profiles of their very human aspirations, disappointments, triumphs and defeats.
"Hey, these are real people with real lives beyond the porn industry," she said. "I want to give each an opportunity to present those aspects of themselves that the standard porn press has traditionally scorned. Most importantly, I want each of them to feel they have complete control over the content."
Denise's book presents the people from the porn industry in a very humanistic and compassionate light. Also, it offers them a platform to speak freely about the things they are truly passionate about. What more could an adult adult-film star ask?
Well, I intend to ask for a copy of the book. That's for sure. I know you will enjoy yours.
This book is still in the making and I am currently re-searching for an appropriate and reputable publisher as the person who had initially asked to look at (and most likely publish the book), Judith Regan of Regan Publishing; A division of Harper Collins publishing, got canned.
To date, the subjects in my book are:
Georgina Spelvin
Harry Reems
Jamie Gillis
PT (Paul Thomas)
Candida Royalle
Ron Jeremy
Joey Silvera
Bill Margold
Gloria Leonard
Johnney Keyes
Marilyn Chambers
Juliet Anderson ("Aunt Peg")
Kay Parker
Veronica Hart (now known as director, Jane Hamilton)
Herschel savage
Randy West
Dr. Sharon Mitchell of AIM Healthcare
Annie Sprinkle
Eric Edwards
Sharon Cain
Kitten Natividad
Richard Pacheco
Nina Hartley
Amber Lynn
Ginger Lynn Allen
Christy canyon
Mike Horner
Rhonda Jo Petty
Vanessa del Rio
Mai Lin
Gay San Franciscan Porn icon and friend, Peter Berlin.
Bob Chinn (Director of Johnny WADD series) and featuring special surprise poster I painted of one of his *biggest male stars*.
Henri Pachard,
The Late Jim Hiolliday
Roy Karch (who is the 1st director to put porn on video)
Larry Flynt and Theresa Flynt-Gaerke from Hustler Magazine
Legendary porn screen writer, Raven Touchstone, also known as erotic photographer Penny Antine
Jim South; Agent to porn from Hollywood's World Modeling agency
Special commentary from and portrait of: My good friend, Xaviera Hollander; The Happy Hooker.
Once I find a suitable publisher, the personal secretary to Hugh Hefner said Hugh will consider taking part.


First of all I would like to thank-you for taking this opportunity to answer a few questions for your fans and myself, it's always a pleasure chatting. So thank-you so much. SOO Karl! My first question is this: How does it feel presently starting a new promo campaign for your new cd?

Likewise, thanks for giving me the opportunity to bore the hell out of ya. LOL
We're all really excited about the new album, but We do still have a bit more work to do. I need to write a couple more tracks, and Jeff needs to work on the production before it's ready for release. But we're getting close to saying "It's done, thank f*** for that" LOL
I just hope you guys like it. So much work and energy goes into the writing and recording of these songs that we will be pretty anxious when we come to release it!!

Tell me how this collaboration with your band members Rolz Guilford and Jonny Whyatt came about?
How did you three meet?

Rolz, Jonny and I met in prison, it was a dark time in our lives, but at least something good came out of it....LOL. I'm just kidding.
We met at Meanstreet studio's. Rolz and Jonny were in a band before I met them, and had recorded with Jeff Guilford at the studio. I was working with Jeff on a Saturday afternoon when Jonny and Rolz turned up, I had no idea they were gonna come down. Anyway, they had both heard my songs on Myspace and knew I was gonna need a band. After a few beers we decided to start working together, and it's been great, we get on musically and on a personal level!!

How often does the band rehearse and where?

We rehearse anywhere between twice a week to six times a week depending on what commitments we have and what we need to be ready for. It's beautiful, the beers come out, the Taylors come out, and we're all happy as pigs in shit. LOL

Let's talk about the CD, do you have favourite songs that you enjoy to play live?

Erm.......No, I don't really have a favourite myself. However, I am aware that the crowd have their favourites which does make a difference to the way I feel when I play that song. But they all have to sound good live or they don't make the album. Every song that I have written means something special to me, so for me, I play them all with same passion.

What Cities have you performed and what places would you like to perform at in the future?

I have mainly performed in my home town of Nottingham and nearby city's. But I did spend a lot of time in Los Angeles working under management company's and playing shows in Beverly Hills and Hollywood. We will be returning to America very soon and I can't wait to get back on the road!!
As for places I would like to perform - that would be every major city in the world, I know, i'm proper greedy. LOL
Unfortunately, we are not going to start touring until the album is completed. When it's done, we then have something to promote and tour!!

Karl, my final question for today, where do you see yourself in 10 years time musically?

I'm really not sure. 10 years is a long time and a lot can change, but I will write music as long as people still want me to. But having said that, I do like to plan, I like to try and keep things under control, try to work out what I need to do to get where I want to be. Now, if you had asked me where I want to be in 25 years time, i'd have said i'll be happy if i'm sitting on a beach drinking pina coladas!! And I don't mean Costa Del Crime either!! Maybe the Caribbean somewhere. LOL. Yeah wouldn't we all!!

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Before I begin on more detailed questions, your profile has your birth date and death date, what is the reason behind this?

Well it’s the reminder and the motive to get hurry with achieving my goals. Rather important component of ALM legend. Having sent with mini-capsule spacecraft by the scientists of his home planet Earth the Greatest (which was going to explode a few millenniums ago) he landed here onto Earth-69, then instantly was born by ordinary man and wife of him in small rural settlement right in the central part of Eurasian continent. It was a sunny Saturday morning on June 18th 1983 yet the whole two dozen years cycles passed till Andrei Love-Markov woken in my body up in summer 2007. And in a dozen ones he is to leave this planet. Jus dunno whether I’d have to follow him in March 2020.

Do you play any musical instruments and where and what do you use for recording in studio?

I think only people do matter, the rest is blah-blahs. People are the finest music instruments… yet play them never!

What you specifically look for when you collab a song with another artist on myspace?

Due to internet there are so many limitations yet no borders! Well I look for people not just music. Yeah, I look for friends and lovers!

How many songs have you written?

Now I have 60 songs and overdubs, reedits and remixes. And I have the same quantity in mind so next few years I would be inexhaustible.

You have very humorous videos and pictures, what gives you the inspiration at the time of filming or taking the photos?

As Cat Power sang the ‘love and understanding’ do. That’s all. The most amazing thing for me is to perform my shits in one’s bedroom to a dozen of best friends and see them laughing and dancing!

Do you have any siblings? If so, how do they react to your music, and are your parents supportive?

My parents don’t know so far. But they suspect! My younger brother loves a half of my stuff while ruthlessly criticizes the rest of that. And he’s quite right in that the music must be catchy and simple.

Do you plan on having children?

Yeah! Extremely wanna have three sons! The elder one, for instance, would be girlie favourite and starship captain!

Have you ever been in love?

I hope I weren’t yet, ha-ha! In case of love I’m kind of delivery boy so almost never consume that myself.

I read in other interview you hate the music and the sex. Care to elaborate to these new readers?

Okay, let’s see. This is quite simple. Everything I do jus ain’t about music. It’s about songs and storytelling on laborious life of a little human who considers music just as a relief not entertainment. Even songs not music that’s what helps him to survive, to go on telling story of his life and, probably, to rich a simple majesty of human being. Music as itself is fork and spoon while it is The Essence that’s a dish!

As for sex the truth is freaking: being primary value in modern culture and contemporary pop culture, sex in fact became the synonym of death, the instrument of soft genocide in case of all defective societies like Bulgaria’s and Poland’s, Russia’s and Ukraine’s et cetera. Sex now is religion of all miserable people under Sun. Now it’s just a mass destruction weapon at its best. The more than sex and music I jus hate phantasm of so-called ‘freedom’ only. And the only alternative is carnal love and Love in general. So ALM is one more prophet of eternal verities.

You have a terrific article on the 1980’s generation of Russians. I highly suggest people to take a look, in the meantime can you give your fans and readers a brief synopsis of The 1980’s Demographic EXplosion Splinters (ODVZ-80)?

Every breath is regular. It’s all the same. In article I described the common mental features of the generation, told about facts of world’s and Russia’s history which affect us the most and carefully assumed that only ODVZ-80 pop doctrine would save our country from death in perspective. Yeah, doctrine is kinda pop yet that’s because we’re gonna beat our enemies understanding them first and applying their own weaponry second. As we prefer ancient Chinese philosophy to European one. By the way because of unsigned status I have no fans… friends only!

Give us a peek into your latest project?

There are a few of them. First of all I’m in the process of making anti-rap LP called ‘RUSSIA’S LAST KEWLBOY’ since February. The beats are produced by my friends from Italy and France, United States and Russia. Besides I prepare new release which titled ‘UNSIGNED. REMIXED’. It would be outfit of recent ‘UNSIGNED KEWLNESS CONTEST’ which 20 producers from all the USA and Europe took part in. The genre spectrum is from dubstep and drum’n’bass to noise pop and progressive rock.

I will be frank with you, your vocals, ALM, are not so great. Yet you are making a large impact as Russia’s Unsigned 1 artist, how do feel about this?

First of all I do avoid singing because I’m shy to sing for real. Jus because I know I’m simple guy came up from a crowd. Yet I plan to work on vocals with a tutor soon. As for being unsigned it’s new era, genuine zeitgeist. I think today’s opportunities allow every person to succeed in every aspect of pop culture without slavery under majors or fake sincerity of indie labels. Now we have a lot of good examples of how to manage your self while being well-known worldwide. It’s YOU that guy who must decide who you are! To my mind contemporary artist dies when get signed. After that I’d never listen to his stuff with same interest as before. And watch out! If you are unsigned YET it’s fake as well. You should be unsigned for good! Jus like ALM.

If you don’t want to be signed as an artist, how do you propose to sell your music and by pass the red tape of the music industry?

I’m a natural born bootstrapper and I know what austerity is. And I’m quite sure I chose true way from stars of Unexplored Galaxies to hell of human life and back. Now it’s time to make a step towards more serious level of my project’s development. So you may consider this an official appeal to everyone interested. To get the worldwide fame on a greater scale but stay unsigned I’m starting to look for a person who’d like to support my expansion materially. Be sure I don’t mean heartless venture investors. Jus prefer to call such kind of person somewhat like business angel. Jus because a volume of supposed financial help is really small, especially in compare to many other artists, it would be an oral agreement. Yet I’ve recently got the second diploma (on crisis management) so to write my simple business plan would hardly be a problem. The only condition is being like-minded person for real. Well the faster I find my business angel the faster I go to ALM Odyssey 2010 through Western hemisphere and visit most of countries and cities where thousands myspace friends of mine live.

You are nearing or by the time this interview is, 100.000 myspace friends, what do you have to say to them?

I wouldn’t lie I love them all, ha-ha! But, dears, please remember only one thing: ALM is pretty much more interesting than you think of that because ain’t shown whole potential of making you wet so far! Yeah, I wanna meet you in my real life. Well see you soon!

Are you a late sleeper or early morning type of guy?

I’m gonna sleep enough just in my grave!


Thank-you for your patience Gerald, glad you agreed to this interview!

1/ Gerald, how long have you been performing for your fans and how did you start?..

Thanks again for your consideration!
I have been performing on and off for approximately 12 years. It all started at a battle of the bands, as it does for so many musicians trying to perform somewhere. I love performing and it can be as much an art as the music being written. It’s all in how much energy and detail the musician wants to put into it.

2/ What other musical instruments do you play, if any?..

I play bass, and some keyboard, but the guitar has always been my primary instrument. It’s so easy to take anywhere and I personally love the sound of a guitar over most other instruments.

3/ What is you philosophy of music education, also have you studied music?

My philosophy on music education...hmmm. Well, I don’t believe that one can be educated into writing a fantastic song for themselves or what others may consider fantastic either. It’s one thing to understand the universal symbols that we identify in music theory but a whole other thing to propel those symbols into something expressive. Can someone really be ’taught’ how to put emotion into a phrase of music? If someone wants to be shown the theology of time and key signatures then by all means go to school, but I prefer the school of life to teach me what I need to know about music. Have I studied music theory myself? Yes, but I did so privately and do understand what is being said when someone tells me to play a piece in a minor 7th up one octave.

4/ Is "Into the next" which is available for purchase now, your first album?

The album "Where we go from here" under the name ’Into The Next’ is my first album under the name of ITN. I have recorded other albums and demos that the keen researcher should be able to find.

5/ You have very profound lyrics, do you write and compose to teach the audience or to give them a perspective on your life?

Thank you. I suppose I am trying to let people know what they actually are as opposed to what we’ve all been domesticated into believing that we are (as Humans Being). I do this sometimes by showing different perspectives on my own life, but not always. I like to tap into others areas of experience as well, and hopefully that can help those who listen to my music to become more aware of their greater potential instead of listening to everyone else’s take on how to live their life. This existence is about living your own experience, not somebody else’s. When all of humanity wakes up to that realization we will see the kind of world that all of the great philosophical masters have always talked about.

6/ When you have a venue to perform, what kind of an audience are you looking for?

An audience who wants to listen. :) Nothing more and nothing less.

7/ Gerald, Do you write the lyrics to the music, or the music to the lyrics?

generally write lyrics to the music. Even when I want to say something specific, I never start a song based on pre-written lines. It’s always much easier to fit what I want to say against the musical backdrop as opposed to the other way around. To me writing the lyrics first is like painting a picture without the canvas and then seeing if it will fit afterwards.

8/ Who are some of your influences over the year and out of them, which would you like to be on stage with?

I have always liked what Ian Thornley has done as an artist and I would like to share a stage with him. The group "Red" is also one that I consistently listen to as they put a lot of emotion and scale into their songs.

9/ What do you find the most difficult part of publicizing an album?

Everything! haha. I’m not really being serious when I say that. Too much stock is put into publicizing an album because you need to make this thing called money to continue to make more albums. If money was not in the equation you would see the amount of music being put out to the world, considerably shrink. Only those who love to play and make music would be doing it at that point, and I would be one of those people. And because of that I don’t really push what I do very hard, because I simply don’t care if it’s well received or not. If I feel that my music is not a success because a whole bunch of people are not buying or listening to it, then I simply have no respect for myself or my own art. The opposite is true of a million sales. If I needed that to confirm that my music is good, then I really have no self-worth or confidence.

10/ My last question to you is: What is your favourite meal?

Ohhhh, I love food. ummmm, a big plate of chicken fettuccine, and then for dessert, cookies and ice cream! hahaha.

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